Todd Bedard & Cody Tyler – The Central Pennsylvania Music Podcast – Episode 5

This weeks guests, Todd Bedard and Cody Tyler!
Todd Bedard is a local Physical education teacher by day and a music connoisseur by night! Todd is on the board of directors for The Central Pennsylvania Music Showcase and has attended well over a thousand live music performances from local to national acts! Beyond that, he is a host and judge for both the Cumberland Valley Youth music show case, as well as the Lebanon Valley College Youth Music Show case. We’d like to give a huge thanks to Todd for helping craft our future musicians and music industry.
Cody Tyler is an award winning country artist from central Pennsylvania know for performing as a solo artist and with his band, Cody Tyler & Gypsy Convoy! It was a pleasure to sit down and speak with this talented artist with an old soul and classic vibe.

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